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Here here turner. Well said.
This particular war isn't real good for the economy, but it doesn't seem to be hurting much. Since there have been more new jobs in the last five years then in Japan and all of europe combined, things seem to be ticking along. The economy is real big though, and its hard to get a good picture of what it is doing. Really really big. China may be growing fast but per capita it still kind of stinks. We have the biggest economy in the world. the Governator leads a state with a bigger economy then his mome country of Austria. We have less then a tenth of the worlds population but we produce half of the food calories consumed every year, and no we don't eat them all ourselves, we're fat but not that fat. Not that the president has alot of ability to make the economy go right, but he can make it go wrong. At least he used to be able to.
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