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Back to the original topic of the post, Aquateen Hunger Force is the Awsome.
why yes, yes it is 8) and dsfg, i support fighting to bring about peace because i've realized that there will never be complete peace if humans can have their own opinion. but this war has been dragged out killing lots of people and that i dont support. i may sound very ignorant in saying this, but id much rather have a very fast destructive wave of force rather than a war going back and forth back and forth because i think a lingering war kills more and leaves people more likely to bring it back up again. i would rather have complete peace where you could go to any country you like to experience the culture w/o fear of violence, but as said before, as long as the human mind is free to experience its own thought and opinion for the person, i dont think there can be complete peace. is offline   Reply With Quote