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Originally Posted by Webbeardthepirate
I'm told its quite pleasent and an entertaining diversion for a time. Still, it can't hurt to wait. And genital warts cause cervical cancer which can kill you. If you haven't you should wait until the vaccine is available, cause folks lie about cheating and even if your monogomouse there is no garuntee your partner always will be. There is also talk that human papiloma virus can cause cancer of the mouth or throat, so even that's a dangerous without some precautions. If you can't figure out what that means you shouldn't be sexually active, period.
Who has brainwashed you with this rubbish?! If everybody waited until there was a vaccine for genital warts the human race would end!!! Because, according to you, there is no gaurantee that your wife/ husband/ partner isnt sleeping around picking up all manners of contagious, cancer causing killer diseases! I'm not playing down the importance of using protection, or of STI/ STD' s but honestly, please dont take any notice of scare tatics. If two people are entering into a sexual relationship, openly and honestly with eachother, using protection against STI's and birth control ideally, with a good understanding of the moral and emotional implications of a sexual relaitonship, thats the best its going to get. The chances of ending up with cancer as a result of sex, are slim and its rediculous to sugget this as a reason to abstaine from sex all together.
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