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Originally Posted by Emerica
Sorry for spamming but anways, I wanan try shrooms, what do those taste/ effect you?

Speed is ok, marijuana is a gateway drug, and I drink more then I smoke. I drink Mickys, Smirnoff ice when Im bored, and some weird stuff my parents gave me. Ive tried Jungle Juice or something like that where there is about 15 fruits with Vodka, Yumm!,
Could you explain why Marijuana is a gateway drug, this is an ongoing debate.

If marijuana users want a stronger hit, whats the difference from say someone drinking coffe thinking it doesn't effect them strongly enough so they take speed or coke to stay up all night.

What about alcohol, some people will no longer like alcohol and may decide heroin is a better option.

The most credible aspect of that theory is that, dealers offer marijuana users cocaine or something stronger because they have the drug at that time.

Now if drugs were legal and controlled by the government that wouldn't happen.

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