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Oh, sorry. I didn't mention the negative effects.

Extasy makes you feel great, normal but paranoia and fear etc all the bad emotions just don't exist when you are on it.

But like everything, when you go up you have to come down.

After using extasy the next day your brain has less than normal levels of seretonin floating around, which means its harder to feel happy, and can lead to depression, this can last hours, days or weeks.

Also one dose of extasy changes brain structure, and messes with brain chemicals, permanently. Wether this has a good or bad outcome can be debates, but to be frank, anything that changes you permanently is dangerous and you shouldn't go near it.

Also extasy slows down the rate in which you process water, so if you drink say 2 or 3 litres of water in an hour your brain can drown yourself, litteraly, too much water on the brain = sezuire, brain damage or death!

Speed increases dopamine and seretonin levels in the brain to extreme levels. This makes users feel like GOD, more energetic than an athlete and as a result you talk too fast (which is why its called speed), you can say a sentance really fast and fuckup halfway through the sentance or whatnot.

Extasy is not physically addictive. Speed is extremly addictive, and is far more damaging to the brain and body than extasy. It can make you look like a 40 year old when your about 20.

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