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Uhm, we haven't cut back spending on ANYTHING durring this war, that's why our deficits kept going up. Infact durring the war we have introduced drug covereage for old people. In general our governemtn doesn't pay for our health care, except on medicare and medicaid (medicare for poor people like me) so there is no possible way that the war in riaq kept anyone from recieving a life saving transplant. After 9/11 the only planes allowed to fly were those fighting fires in the west and those moving life saving organs around the country. So that wasn't it either. The sorts of things that keep people from getting organ transplants are a lack of compatible doners (I think every one should be a doner) other conditions that make it unlikely they would survive with a transplant like cancer moving into other organs, or a history of untreated drug or alcohol addiction. Ability to pay isn't even considered in the case of organ transplants.
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