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Sorry, the angry crew of pirates that lives in my head have been discussing this, and just said "Arrr, the lad be feelin' unworthing ta' be courtin' the fair maid, ARRRRR!" I think they mean that your not feeling like your good enough for this girl. There are two things that make you feel this way, says the pirates. You have put her up in the crows nest, and you've put yourselves down in the bilges with the rats. She's not really all that, but you think she is. But you have stated you've never kissed a girl, so you feel uncertain, you lack confidence in your own skills. Well, kissing is only awkward for the first couple minutes TOPS. It is perfectly natural to be uncertain, and no one expects you to be don juan out of the gate. "Arr that be a mixed metephore cap'n." Beyond that, ahem, you'll have to ask some one else. "The cap'n not be too good on 'er knowledge o' the biblical sort, har har har!" Yes, well, anyways. You have to remind yourself that your not a rat and have every right to be up on deck, and she isn't an ornament that deserves to be nailed to the prow of the ship that is your life to calm troubled waters ahead. "Arr, now he be Dr. Phil, the ship builder, har har har!"
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