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Originally Posted by koler
Originally Posted by CoffeeBeak
I don't know what Americans are in Iraq for... all I know is that it's not needed. The war is over. Why are we still over there?

Your medical system had to make budget cuts to support that war. Those budget cuts were responsible for denying one of my favourite writers and friends a life-saving transplant.

He died on November 4th, 2005. .
though the reason has change many times, america is in Iraq to fee the people of tyrnny. I apologize for your loss. But look at it his way, millions of other people are now free because of this war, however unecesasry it is was or wasnt. I don't agree with the war, but I can see the good in it as well as the bad. We are still in Iraq because it is still very unstable, and if we left now, it would go right back into the hands of terrorists.
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