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I can't tell you what to do, no one can. Telling her your interested will not hurt her feelings. Seriously, how can being told some one likes you make you feel bad. Unless you had to then kill them because your a hired assassin and if you don't do it the Family will come for you. That would probably be bad. But you will never hurtsomeone by telling them you find them attractive. Its you that will get hurt, not them. I mean if you would rather pine for her, it can be fun in its own gloomy way, and there is nothing wrong with a little fantasy.

She can't hurt you if you don't let her after all. But don't lie to yourself and say your doing it for them, your not. You are keeping your feelings private so you can enjoy them in private. I know, I do the same thing. But it is a dead end. I think you want to tell her you like her, or you never would have posted here about it. Personally telling a bunch of strangers on the internet sounds more embarassing, but of course you don't need to wory about us. You don't like us, we can't hurt you, we don't even know you. But I think you brought this up for a reason. If you want someone to tell you your not weird, your not. I can't speak for everyone else, but I have been there man. But you have to move forward to grow. Maybe your not ready, your the only one who knows that. But you actually won't know if your ready until you try. If you want to know how to start, ask her "Why aren't we together?" It says that you think its a good idea, and it starts out the conversation. You hang out right, so once the topic is broached just talk, go where the conversation goes. She may say something obvious like she is with what's his face. Brush it off, say besides that. If she says its cause you never asked, then ask if that is all it would take, if she says your like a brother, be incredulous. If she says she likes you just as a friend, be hurt. But you can't control the way she feels, any more then you can control the way you feel, which you can't by the way, so for godsakes don't try.
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