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tbh intelligent design is bs imo.

there isn't anything that is too complicated to have evolved from something in nature.

scientists though back in 1980 something that there was a bacteria that was, but then they were proven wrong.

so now intelligent design is just the same as a creation story.

it's not science, although it used to be though of as science.

there will always be the question of how stuff began, but if you ask me - it's all about Cogito ergo sum.

You might think that if you drop a book, it will fall to the ground, repeat it 100 times and it'll still fall, but how can you tell that it will fall on the millionth time?

Similarly, there might have been absolutely nothing for trillions of years and suddenly *pop* the universe is born. Who decided that it was impossible for anything to suddenly occur? It's that which started off evolution.
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