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Lies, all lies. They only care about smell. The more fit you are the better you'll smell, combined with an immune system different from their own, it makes resulting children resistant to more diseases and that is information conveyed by scent. What they say they want is what they want in a friend, and no one ever makes the transition from friend to boyfriend, but they will never own up to it. They say they want some one funny, but if they like a guy they will laugh at any dumb thing they say. The eye thing, they have to get close enough to smell a guy to actually see his eyes. Incedently the relevent odors register in a special duct in the the upper sinuses, and does not register as a conciously recognizable scent. Its not B.O. thats a bacteria that causes that odor and it is NOT desirable. Flossing will also help prevent bad breath, which is another bad odor to be avoided. Sweat is good though, it helps convey the information about your imune system. But they'll know the first time they sniff you, but they never never tell.

Go ahead, deny it.
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