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OK Kolar, yes spending has got out of control. But when your doing something like rebuild a city after a huricane shouldn't you borrow the money and pay it back over many years. Shouldn't the people who bennefit from a rebuilt city twenty years from now be the ones to pay for it? Why should my grandma who will be dead in 20 years have to pay for all of the rebuilding of a city she isn't going to get to use as much as kids who don't pay any taxes now. The only things you shouldn't borrow money for is to pay the saleries of government employees, because the people right now benifit, and for social programs like aid to families with dependant children and social security. But borrowing money, deficit spending, for things like defence, and roads, and levies, and that, the people who bennifit the most, future generations pay for it. Actually, borrowing money to clean up the environment would make sense too, because future generations would bennefit, they should pay.

There are times when war and violence are the answer. When you are attacked by barbarians you have the right, even the responsibility to defend yourself. And when some one threatons to attack you with nuclear or biological weapons (I don't really worry about chemical weapons) you have a right to kill them first. Every president from Trueman on has emphasized that the US reserves its right to first strike. This was beacause often our enemies outnumbered us, and if we got into a pitched war they wanted it clear that they wouldn't wait, assuring that no pitched war we couldn't win would be forced on us. Its called brinksmanship and it is scarry as hell and very very dangerous. Its like playing chiken with trucks full of cyanide (used to mine gold, so there really are trucks full of cyanide on the roads). But if your choice is to get behind the wheel of your own truck or stand in the middle of the road, get in the truck and just flash your lights and honk your horn.

Back to the original topic of the post, Aquateen Hunger Force is the Awsome.

Wait, it was more bad things happening in the next three years. I'd be surprised if they didn't. Some people will be born, some will die, new diseases will spread, Federline will release a rap album, A movie about Gay muslims will be released all over the world (you thought cartoons were inflamatory), people your in love with will not love you back, the new x-men movie is going to stink, OS-X will start running on PCs and events unforseeable will also happen. Bush will be blamed for all of these things.
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