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DFSG is correct, mostly. I want to add that if you think about the Bush Lied statement you'd realize it makes no sense. Sadam had chemical weapons, he'd used them, ask the Iranians. Every one from France to Egypt thought they were there. The Head of Sadam's airforce says he knows the men who flew the retrofited passenger planes to syria with the prohibited equiptment. The man's a christian, not a muslim, and has his own angle. He was fired by sadam for refusing to execute american POW's in violation of the Geneva convention which is why he is in the US selling his book, and not in Abu Grahib. So if bush had known there were no weapons, then he'd have known none would be found, and that it would seriously wreck his chances of being reelected, which it did. That he was reelected reflects that he was ernest in his belief, and many voters agreed that he had believed he did the right thing.

More so Koler is right too. Our governemtn employs almost 2 million people. at the federal level, many times many more at the local and state levels. there are 600+ members of congress with loads of staffers. Every general and admiral is confimed by the Senate, just like the secratary of state and the Director of the FBI. And our representatives are elected by about half of the 300 million people in the country. Less on off years like this one. One man is not your problem. If you get rid of him, there are plenty more to take his place. And in three years he is out of office no matter what, there is a 22nd amendment don'cha'know.

And finaly, that heading is really misleading, because I thought this thread was totally about... something else.
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