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Originally Posted by Webbeardthepirate
First Kiros, I didn't see anything explained in previous posts. I did see a repitition of the views taken in the Dover school board case that the judge described as breathtakingly inane. Federal prosecuters are now looking into pujery charges against several of the key defence witnesses as their statement in court and in depothingies before court didn't match the views held in numerous documents.

Second, everyone knows the world was created by the Flying Spagetti Monster who in the beginning created a mountain, some trees and a midget. His lack of scientific evidence the result of his having used his noodly appendage to alter all scientific data so as to not reveal himself to the unbelievers. I'm allowed to talk about the FSM because as you can see by my screen name, I ma in full pirate regelia. You others will anger him though, and that may or may not cause increased global warming for reasons to technical to go into here.

Next, evolution is a theroy about where species come from, not where life comes from. Origin of life has several hypothosises, sisi, sisees, whatever the plural is. What is fairly certain is that it only occured once. This is because organic molocules can be either left or right handed, but all living things use the same handedness, and the other handedness is often toxic. Because of this uniformity we can deduce that life had a single origin, at one point in the past, though it probably doesn't really qualify as life, some sort of pre life replicating molocule that ate all the available organic molocules before beginning the process that led to the species we see today. But certainly not irreducibly complex.

Finally, you are indeed correct, Kiros, about the tenage mind being a work in progress. At the beginning of puberty the frontal lobe undergoes rapid growth, so it says in my dad's Scientific American. A process calld pruning then begins where unused neurons are killed off. In the meantime there are no judgement paths effective. This is why even A students sometimes do dumb things. At around 19 this process is complete, and the frontal lobe switches on and all the lessons about right and wrong and risk and reward begin to do you some friggen good. Thats why learning morals and stuff in highschool is something folks get stirred up about. After about ninteen you're brain will never be as changable again. Like its harder to learn languages after a certain age, five or something. Sure, you can still learn but not as easily or as well. The ability to understand a theory should be inplace before then. So if you were making sense Kiros, Underage thinker should have no trouble following the argument. Highschool students participate in formal debates on teams all the time.
Now now, no need to get sarcastic about this simple debate. It is true that people tend to believe the most ridicules theories etc. I myself have gone from a believer to a non believer over 100 times. Its because I’m studying the debate, and discovering the truth for myself. One of my most important morals is to think for yourself, question everything. You will hear me use that, and commerce is the cure to everything (not literal) many times. n.n Anyway I will compliment your obvious talent to debate one last time, rejoicing for the opportunity for some new debate material. If you don’t mind my asking, are you a Conservative or a Liberal or in-between etc. Of course this question is only if you live in the United States. If you don’t then it won’t mean as much. Only in this country, the divided united as I like to call it, does that really really make a difference.

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""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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