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You are right webbeardthepirate, Islam is not bad. Hints why we have said its sad how they make there religion look so bad, they are misrepresenting a good thing. I think that we would be more understanding of there anger, however unecessary, if it was jesus in those cartoons, I think we would be very angry indeed. Expressing the right of freedom of press and speech has its limitations true. and we have to look at this situation like this. are these cartoons inflicting the rights of other people? the answer is no, so its allowed. to yell fire in a crowed building is inflicting on the rights of other poeple. Not in a manner of freedom of speech, but you are imposing on there god given right of safty, you are affecting the public peace, affecting the companies business etc. you have to look at things logicly and democraticly (not as in the party but the government) I agree with you again I must say, its great when another debator shows up hope you stay and welcome to vt.

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