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The US constitution has a requirement that a state recognize any contracts made under the law of another state, as well as all legal documents. That's why a driver's license good in one state allows you to drive in all the others. This why the republicans (not the same as the kind in northern Ireland) want a constitutional amendment to outright ban gay marriage, then no court could overturn it. There is some debate about whether a marriage that is illeagle in one state has to be recognized in another. This is the same as the Dread Scot Case that lead to the civil war in which the Supreem court ruled that a slave in a slave state remained a slave in a free state like Minnesota. Free staters didn't like that at all, and wanted to ban slavery everywhere in that case. Southerner's depended on slaves and so they rebelled before Lincoln, who promised to keep slavery out of the free states, could do any thing about it. Would Massechusits withdraw from the Union? It didn't work for the south so I doubt it. In for a penny in for a pound as they say.
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