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Well, the cartoons were in a newspaper, so that's freedom of the press on freedom of speech. In US different rules apply to the two. Shouting fire in a crowded theater is wrong. Writing about it is never wrong. As for Kofi Anan our esteemed leader of the United nations who said that freedom of speach is not a license to say insensative things, actually it is exactly a license to say incesative things. Salmon Rushdie (famous author who had a death sentance put on him by Iran for a book he wrote, since retracted) says its easy to get behind free speach that you agree with, its much harder to defend the KKK. I don't like the KKK, I think those prusion blue girls are being exploited by their hatemongering parents, but their RIGHT to say and print those things is a Right. Its not a privledge that can be take away like driving a car, its not a license. Oh, and our supreem court has extende the freedom of press rights to internet pages, like blogs. So you can say whatever you want on your own website, (as long as you pay for it. VT owns this site so they can restrict the content, which is also their right to free speech to not be forced to say hateful porongraphic things they don't want to say, so don't wine about not being able to say whatever you want on this site, get your own and then you can say whatever you want.
And welshlad, appeasment didn't work with Hitler, it didn't work with Stalin, it won't work with the radical extreemist whabi muslims. If you surrender your rights because your intimidated, or worried about how others might react, then you don't have them any more. The terrorists win and you loose. And by the way, they are rioting over grainy pictures of a pig squeeling contest in france, (sounds cruel to the pigs) and their mullahs are telling them it is a picture of Muhamad having sex with a pigs. Appernetly the real cartoons wern't all that bad even to muslems so they had to lie about them to get people stirred up.
Turkey was the first country to give women their right to vote and the voting age in Iran is 16 (but you can only vote for old man aprooved candidates). So its not Islam that is bad.
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