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Originally Posted by Liam21 View Post
Okay, I've got a question... How do I know if I'm actually *erm* cuming? After I orgasm this murky clear-white liquid kind of um... seeps out. Is that cum, or is it something else.
I agree with the post above that what you have is indeed semen, and congratulations if that was your first time.

Keep in mind that semen doesn't shoot out for all guys, and a lot of folks are dribblers which is fine. Actually, it is much easier to be like you as you don't have to worry about your cum going everywhere.

Originally Posted by aperson View Post
Ok thanks for the answer
1 more question
how do I know when to stop?
The way you usually know when to stop masturbating is when your penis goes soft and when it is no longer fun if that makes sense. If you can cum, then when your last spasm with semen happens, then that is when you stop.
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