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i cant say that i've ever had exactly what u had, but i made a post a while ago because i had a unusual pain in my testicles. i wasnt sure what it was and it did get me nervous. what i had was like, even if im sitting down, there was a dull aching in both my testicles, sometimes one and sometimes the other and it was not really bad, but it was on my mind all the time because it lasted for about 4 1/2 days. i went to the doctor because my stomach had also been bothering me and she examined my stomach and asked if i had any pain in my testicles and i said yes. she checked them very breifly and it wasnt really that bad. so if you are still having this or it was really painful when u did, i think you might want to go see the doctor. really, the most embarassing part is just telling your parents/parent that you want to see the doctor. i said my stomach was really bothering me and in the end, the pain was gone the next day. after the parents part, its really not embarassing at all. is offline