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thats the way. like im not usually an exentric person and im kinda dull sometimes, but other times its like "Man, idk but dude, i just need to dance! Either that or skydiving." its like people say that they take drugs because its fun while they're high, i dont need drugs to get that way. Sometimes i just have random adrenaline rushes that are really big or i have this thing i cant describe other than spacing out beyond imagination and its just like "OMG, WOW, OK ARE YOU SPEAKING OR WHAT CUZ ITS LIKE WOW, THERES A PERSON AND THIS VOICE BUT I CANT PUT IT TOGETHER" i also was at a friends house and they put on a strobe light and i didnt know if i was gonna make it, i was spacing out so much and it was like i was crouched down poking a chair because i didnt know what i was doing, but it was fun as hell. i want to go to a European underground rave so badly one day! weeeee is offline   Reply With Quote