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yea, u seem to have precum. it is yellowish like syrup u say because you've just started to produce sperm. at that point, the body is just adapting to this so sometimes it will look yellowish and whitish because some urine got in the cum. thats no problem at your point because u just started and the body is still working on "closing all the correct valves" and your prostate is having to do work it didnt have to do before, so your body just needs to adapt. and yes, adult penis size is IN GENERAL 4-8inches. and no, once you get sperm you dont have a wet dream necesarily. if you're just starting to cum then you're producing less so you wont need to have a wet dream in order to get rid of excess sperm, also if you masturbate regularly you arent having lots of sperm buildup where your body would have a wet dream to get rid of it. ive been cumming for years and have not had a wet dream and im fine, so dont worry if you havent had one. is offline