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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Don't let self harm be your life and happiness. Stop cutting, pick your life up. Talk to your parents and/or your friends. Ask for help. Asking for help is not a shame, not a weakness. You can stop this, better now than next year, when you already depend on cutting. Rescue is possible. - From GreyXRainbow

Thanks for the advice. I've talked to a few really good friends on here and read what u guys have said.

i know that i cant let the actions of people that i love drive me to this. the fact that it scares me has made me not want to do it today, even tho it was a really shitty day. im sorry that some of u guys have gotten hooked and didnt get the advice that ur giving me now.

i wish all u guys the best and please know that u can always talk to me. i wanna help u guys like u've helped me. i really do.

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