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Hurricane Katrina- ONLY New Orleans and places in southern Louisiana are begging for money. ALL other areas are paying their own way. Florida payed for three major Hurricanes last year, and Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas are paying for rebuilding this year. THOSE ARE REPUBLICAN STATES.

Southern Louisiana and New Orleans are Democratic filthpots. They show what happens when the government puts all it's social programs into effect. Most of New Orleans was on some sort of federal aid, and the people feel entitled to get everything from the government on the backs of your tax money. Now they cry that they still need it and more, when they should be getting out a hammer and nails and doing it themselves like EVERY other person in the surrounding area. It is Democratic control of that area that is causing the problem. If it were a Republican city, like Mobile, we'd see no problems whatsoever.

My mother teaches many underpriviledged people herself. She is a republican because she knows that Conservatism offers the best future. It takes away the entitlement mentality that the government should baby you from cradle to grave and makes people accountable for themselves.

Do Democrats want people to be furthered, and have a chance to move up a class? No! They say "Awww, poor lower class, lets write some checks". They offer no incentive for hard work that can further the lower class.

The Stock market is suffering? I'm sorry, it's almost higher than ever before, and Bush brought us out of one of the worst crashes of all time. We'd be doing much better if Bush's ideas had been passed by Congress. The house will pass bush's plans, but the Senate is too scared. That is why spending keeps going up, when Bush is trying to cut it back. Democrats WILL NOT SPEND LESS. Sadly, there are some RINOs (Republicans in name only) who also keep these things from passing.

I am a war monger? A war monger is one who starts wars for no reason. War Mongers are terrorists who attack us and kill 5,000 Americans. I understand the necessity of war, rather than running scared and showing terrorists that we won't fight them. What were your feelings on 9/11? Did you feel sorry for the terrorists who killed thousands? I'm not far from New York City, and I was very highly affected, and no one I know wasn't personally affected by the disaster. These terrorists are the people we want to stop, but you'd rather see them come again and keep attacking.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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