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Oh yeah, Bush went to Africa and started blowing so Hurricane Katrina would have hit the Gulf Coast.

It was a devistating blow that no man could have stopped. He had tried to strenghten the levys years ago, but due to pressures from congress and the newsmedia, had to reduce the rebuilding plan. He was talking to Governor Blanco more than 2 days before it hit, and tried to get her to activate the state's National Guard, but she refused. He did what he could. And don't bring up FEMA, it's not a big agency for this type of thing. It took over a month to respond to Hurricane Andrew. No one in Mississippi is complaining, and no one in Texas is complaining. It's just the poor folks in New Orleans who feel entitled to be coddled by the US government from Cradle to Grave that make this look like a terrible disaster. Every US city in history has rebuilt after disasters with little to no US aid, but New Orleans cries and wants the US to pay for everything.

Education levels are fine, and Unemployment is low. The Stock Market is Up, and he brought us out of the Clinton recession.

He is fighting against attacks from liberals who will do anything to attack this country. Look at all the Democrats who constantly do things that get our troops killed (Kerry voting against body armor, Dick Durban saying outlandish untrue stories that incite violence) He is standing strong when liberals would have us stand weak against a formidable enemy. They want to talk it out with those who want to and have killed thousands of Americans with no intent to stop.

I respect that. He's a great president. I see little wrong with what he's doing.

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