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Originally Posted by Martin G View Post
ii masturbate usually in the shower the heat and water use of lube is awesome the oragasm is way better it differs from guy to guy but man do i feel tired after does anyones arm get sore after lol
Yes a lot of people have sore arms after they masturbate its normal

Originally Posted by JJgamer20 View Post
I masterbate in the shower all the time, but I prefer to do it with my friend. When I cum it's ridiculous and the orgasm is fantastic.
It would be Hot water is the key

Originally Posted by Connor1 View Post
the first time i came it freaked me right out.... i started j/o ing before i could even produce anything was really weird the one day when i did... i went around asking my close friends and they said the same this as these guys
Yes they day that you have a wet ejaculation, it would have been different a lot more mess to clean up
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