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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by EverlostPoet View Post
Ill be the nice guy, and you can delete mine, i dont really have much time anymore sadly.

Originally Posted by Obsidian View Post
Can I ask a HUGE favor?
When mine is made, can I get a PM or something?
Because I probably won't realise it's been made.
I understand if you're too busy. I'm just asking.
Can do = ]

Originally Posted by JustNick View Post
Can I go on the list please

Title: The View From Both Sides
Description: Why swing one way when you can swing two?
Owners: JustNick
Diary made.

Originally Posted by JustNick View Post
Ooh I'm nearly at the top of the queue. If and when my diary gets made, can you include Matt (K.I.T.N.) and David (chequ3r) as extra mods please.

Waiting list updated.

Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
Description: Moo
Owners: ME, OnlyByTheNight
Originally Posted by Ocean Challenger View Post
Name; Death Mountain Crator

Description; Its hot brutally hot and all the fun in the world ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

Owner; Just me for now.
Originally Posted by Obsidian View Post
Title: Animal Crackers!

Description: Animal Crackers is the exclusive diary for the crazies and creepsters here on VT!

Mods: Just me for now.
I'll ask when I find my PIC.
Originally Posted by Maxy C. View Post
Title: Max and Jack's Random Crap-o-la.
Description: Where the randomness comes out in us all.
Mods: Me and cool-dude-here (Jack)
Originally Posted by Aves View Post
Title: Is it worth it?
Description: My deep feelings out
Originally Posted by lovehatetragedy View Post
Title: The secret life of a weird ninja
Description: Everyone's wacky weirdness uncovered
mods: just me

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