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The wisest man in the Jewish community is the Rabbi, who reads the word of the Torah and helps all of the Jews in his charge understand how to live. The Bible and Torah (which is part of the Bible) are great sources of how to live your life. The Bible comprises my Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

The problems with Churchs come when evil infiltrates the men and women in charge of the Church. The Word itself is not evil.

What is this issue reguarding? Perhaps the evil of man has clouded your opinion of the pureness of the Bible.

As DC Talk says "The biggest cause of Atheism in this world is Christians. Christians who accept Jesus with their lips, then walk out and deny Him by their lifestyle." You can't say the Word is evil when it's the men and women who interpret it for their purposes may be evil.

As always- None of my statements are evaluated by the FDA.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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