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Of course I read the other arguments. They are just silly, though. The Democratic party has imploded to such a point that I am humored by every stance they take. I have no idea how you guys are going to get a presidental candidate up for 2008 who can stand against the Republicans.

Yes, the Conservatives have most of the Radio (save that one weirdo, Al Franken, whose ratings are pretty low). But they are up against papers and television that are 90% of the time liberal. FOX and a select few newspapers are the only voices of Conservatism of those types of media. If just the New York Times, Newsweek and CBS news were stopped, and all other pieces of newsmedia still ran, I think President Bush's ratings would soar. Those publications are only about bush-bashing. Look at Cheney's hunting accident today- they are complaining that Cheney's staff did not report this news to the National media right away. Why should he? All they do is try to cripple any conservative they can. Now they say he was being irresponcible in keeping this news from the national media. Think of what they would have said if he reported it outright. They'd spin something saying it was a "coverup" for something worse, or try to spin any bad thing they can from it. It sickens me.

Bush is trying to do good for this country. Liberal Senators in Congress is blocking all of his attemps. They refuse to cut spending, they refuse to keep this country safe, and they time and time again undermine his authority as President.

Standing up against all these things, I say Bush is in the list of top 5 best presidents. I see no way why you would say he's one of the worst.

Is he going to screw up on some things? Yes! Darn right he is! Who hasn't? Every president has made mistakes, but I don't see Bush as making as many as you and the liberal mass-media claim.

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