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The problem is that Iraqis weren't just living life without a care. They lived in fear every day. It is not the right of any country to make it's citizens live in such a condition. Like I said, most of families and wounded casualties of the Iraqi liberation were greatful for American intervention. The Amerian and other troops in Iraq have been coming home and trying to re-up right away to get back and help the cause. Very few troops are against the war, and polls have put their approval of the War and the President at and over 80%. They know that their sacrifice is helping out a noble cause. 60% (give or take) of this Country dissaproves of the war, but their opinions have been swayed by biased media, they do not represent the opinions of people who have actually been there and know what we are doing.

Why did we go to Iraq before Iran or North Korea? They are places the UN hasn't failed in fully yet. Remember- the Oil for Food scandle. The UN inspectors were not doing their job properly, and Saddam knew when inspectors were coming, and where they were going. That is how he orchestrated the moving of his weapons and gold reserves. Don't forget, almost every single high government official wanted to go to war, and almost every Democratic and Republican senator denounced the evils of Saddam. They showed their fear of Saddam's building of WMDs and Human Rights violations. No news media will ever let you know that people like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry publicly announced the terrors of Iraq.

Why don't we have Osama Bin Laden yet? He's a slippery guy. Sure, Bush hasn't turned his full attention to Osama, and he should be. Don't forget, though, that on the same day that Clinton was with Monica Lewinsky, he was asked to give the military permission to get Osama, as he was just inches away from being captured. Clinton declined to give permission, as he was busy. Bush has at least been staying on top of the situation.

Why not initiate negotiations? We did! Saddam proved very hard to negotiate with. Terrorists did not negotiate. They were too radical to talk to diplomats. You would negotiate with the people who want you dead, just because you are an American? They hate you. They appreciate the America-dissaproval that you might spread, but they would still kill you without a second thought. They are not a force to be negotiated with anymore.

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