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Okay, I am 16, from Massachusetts, and I graduated from high school using compacted curriculum when I was 13, and I am a Harvard University Junior now. I'm not a little kid anymore, and I've reached the age where I want to date, however, due to my lifestyle and the way I grew up, which was different from most kids, I don't like girls my age or even women under the age of 24. I find even 19,20 year old college girls far too immature for me. They're 4 years older than me and still depending on their parents, while I'm nearly done with school at 16. I want to know is it okay for me to date women who are 8+ years older than me. I am tall and considered handsome so I never have a problem attracting women? Dating younger girls is really out of the question, because most chicks younger than me are just beginning high school, when I never even really went to high school. What do you guys think?
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