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Originally Posted by BEANIEBONES View Post
religions criticize other religions
because each religion wants its people to believe it is the only one that holds the truth.
Not really. I'm a wiccan and not preaching to other people is a core part of the belief. As someone once said "For those wiccans who believe in reincarnation, you either were a wiccan in the past, are one now, or will be in the future." so preaching is pretty pointless and generally 'not cool'. I also agree with you however that every belief holds a part of the actual truth, which is why I'm a fair bit more vague in regards to what I believe than some other wiccans/pages. : P

Also, I don't know a lot about buddhism, but they don't seem to be too big on preaching either, nor any other non-abrahamic religions (cults aside).
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