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Default Growing Up with Schizo Parents:

I don't know how many of our members have experienced life growing up with schizo parents.
But I know that Moon69 and I have.
I'm making this so that people with Schizo parents can relate to each other and share stories and experiences.
Vent out some of the stress, reolize that your not alone.

My dads name is Pat. He was diagnosed with Shizo. at age 40 year 2000.
It was a conbination of drug abuse when he was younger and a dorment genetic trait.
He was allways very abusive and mentally controlling.
but mostly a fun and uniqe person to share time with.
he had a mental break down and 2000 and he fliped out, attacked my mother and uncle.
They tried mariage counciling and he was commited and stayed at a mental hospitle for 8 months.
My mother tried to save the marriage, but was court ordered to leave the town and a restraining order was issued.
We moved to a city inbetween Austin tx, and San Antonio near canyon lake.
My dad was let out of the State hospitle on good behiviour and "great progress"
He immediatly refused anymore medication and withen days, was convinced that my mother had kidnapped us and ran off with another man.
He stalked us for several months.
He set fire to our house, harrased friends and relitives, showed up at my mothers work and treatend employees.
We eventually were court ordered to move again.
we relocated to Nacadochous (spelling) and I ended up changing cultures from a southwest texas feel, to a East texas feel.
Which though some of you may not understand, the change is rather dramatic for a kid.
I was 11.
after about 8 months living in Na. he found us, I don't know how.
He broke into our house, and stole things, broke things, left odd things there.
No telling what his mind set was.
We left again and again, him all the time finding us. for about 4 years we lived in fear of him finding and hurting us.
In 2004, I left to kerrville tx to live with him.
But not because I really even wanted to.
I got him commited again, after talking to a school counciler. He didnt stay long, but long enough to be put in a differnt mind set.
He lives in Colorado now, with a good job, stable at the moment.
I will visit him soon.
he is on medication.
for now all is well.
for now.

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