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I also believe in Christ, and that he is God. I was also raised Baptist, but like you I do not agree with everything said. It is up to us as individuals to interpret te Bible and its teachings in our own way. Now, the criticism question; religions criticize other religions
because each religion wants its people to believe it is the only one that holds the truth.
Almost every religion does hold a piece of truth because almost every relgion excluding
Buddhism,Hinduism,and Christianity have branched off of something. Islam branched off
from Christianity when Ishmel and Haggaar were sent to he Middle East to pay for their sins. The Muslim religion came along 1000 years later when Muhhamhed came along. Islam studied almost the same thing Christians did. They lived by our Old Testament and Ten Commandments, but got off track with Muslim coming in the picture. Mormon is a form of Christianity. With Basic Belief Differences that I won't get into. Those are just examples. To consider yourself "Christian" is different than inorming us on your denomination. "Christianity" is a religion. To be a "Christian" is classified as being saved while believing God is the Savior of the World. Islams minr beliefs though make them somewhat of an "evil" people, and like you said proved so by reacting in violence.
Anyway just believe what ou believe and don't worry about what "Religion" it is.

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