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Default Re: Who Here Is Religious?

I used to involve myself in religious debates, wither religon is poison... or the only thing that can save us from ourselves.
In the end, i decided to avoid debates like this, why? because face it, no matter how much you rag on christians, muslims, athiests, jews, satanists.. ect. they will still have faith in what they believe in. thats why its called FAITH. No matter how much you push your opinion, people are gonna feel bad, some more than others...
I have my own religion. something that provides clarity as to what life is, what it means to "be". I have no intent to share it amongst public forums, but if anyone is interested in what i believe in PM me.
In conclusion, i personally believe that the only "poison" in all this, is everyone debating, and exclaiming different religious opinions. Faith, is personal.. sacred if anything.

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