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Originally Posted by koler
Originally Posted by kda2011
It depends on your religion... The bibles never says to do it or not to do it... So.. it depends on your morals/ethics
the bible does comment on it.

your a big boy/girl, you know the difference between right and wrong, if you think its wrong, don't do it, if you think its not that big of a deal do it. "hint" "hint" its not that big of a deal, just use protection, and make sure you don't let people take advantage of you or hurt you. You are your own person and you lead your own path.[img][/img]
if bible is the truth then you must _NOT DO YOUR OWN DECISISIONS_
people who say that they are christians and yet still dont care for ANYTHING that is said in bible and instead just make up rules from it..
Christians without faith should just quit the damn religion
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