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Originally Posted by dying lullaby
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1. post could of started a fight
2. cutting is NOT attention seeking if truely meant and you cannotu generalize all cutters.
you know, I take great offense that you took that out. the medical profession views cutting and self harm as a personality disorder. therfor it can be assisted by waking up, reolizing you not the olny one with a problem, that your life is wonderful compared to others what you have been doing is immature and attention seeking and that you should live your lives without trying to please everyone. If somebody is cutting, telling them they are immature for doing it may hurt, but hell, maybe it will open there eyes, and save there life.
on the contrary, cutting is actually very mature. i have been told this by many doctors and therapists and i believe them. their reasoning was that cutting is a self made coping mechonism which helps cutters from doing something more extreme and dangerous.

most cutters hide it from most ppl if not all. that is not attention seeking. cutting is, like i said before, a coping mechonism - a way to cope with emotions so strong they may be paralizing.

it's a known statistic that the majorty of cutters have been sexually abused some time in their life. the feelings from sexual abuse are so strong and so damaging...please, do not judge people before you realize all of the facts.

btw, calling anyone's actions which they believe are saving their lifes(which they very well may be) immature is only going to make them defensive and closed to anything else you have to say.
I can understand were you are coming from, i can. However I side with the other half of the medical profession. Cutting is viewed as a cry for help. subconsious. I remember growing up, i remember when i was down and wanted to cut, but I didnt. Why not? My life was not cupcake. Why, when I was going threw so much did I choose not to. Because, I looked at my brother, who was cutting, his friend who were cutting, my friends there were cutting, and I thought, wow, this is the most immature rituial I have ever seen in my life. And It transformed my thought prosess. I went form a 13 year old crying "poor poor pitiful me" to an adult thinking, you know what, my life is down right now, things arent going as planned, bad things are happening. But you know what? the most pure water bares no fish, the stright road has no twist, the smooth ride has no excitment. Life aint no set of crystal stairs. And, most importantly, what goes down must come up, what goes up must come down. I knew, that i would eventually come to a clearing, that the bumpy road would smooth out, that the curvy path would strighten up for a bit, and I knew, that by choosing not to cut, and not to be depressed, that I would live life better. I have been in the dumps before, but I have learned so much. and now that I'm not so young anymore, I can look back on my life and see how strong I was to get threw all of that mess, with no scares on this wrist, no pain in my eyes, no regreats. And if I can help just one other person, then I'm one step closer to a nirvana in my life. What i say is not harmful, people need to hear different things. some people need to be babied and cuued. some need sombody to pat there back and say everything is gonna work out, and some need to be slapped back into reality. One way doesnt work for everybody.

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