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I was christian for a short while, I grew up with my Jewish dad and Mormon mother, each fighting over which religion we should follow. Of course my dad won most of the arguments, but I never truly believed in either religion, my mom became a non denominational christian in the late 90s, and thats when my mom left my dad and we moved, I started going to a non denom. christian church, went for a few years, too the youth group with my friends, there were times when I really did believe what was being said, but I was so....hurt, that the kids at the church, were just...hypocrites, and the members, all of them, they were tainted, I went to quite a few different churches, and every single one of them, I could just feel the falsity. I never agreed with worshiping Jesus, when I pointed out to the youth leader that Jesus himself said not to worship him, when I did a small sermon explaining that jesus came to teach the law of God and that I felt we were drawing away from worshiping God, that Jesus wasnt to be worshiped. They told me that I was wrong, so i told them that there bible contridicted the old testiment, but why listen to either, for both said things that just didnt work in todays age. they asked me not to return, I didnt want to. I tried following the word of God, spoken threw jesus, the prophit, who himself never claimed to be the messiah. SO why we say he is is beyond me. He himself said not to worship him, so why we do is beyond me. he said not to judge, but we still do, he said to love others, but theres a seperation, a hate of groups, gays, races, sexes, democrates, republicans. A suttle hate, that grows, because of our intolerence. Jesus tought tolerence, and we twisted his words. One day, about two years ago. In december, I was lying on my bed, and I just thought, I don't believe in Jesus, Hes not the messiah. I had been reading the bilbe, obsessing over it, I have studyed the book to the bone, and many other books, from many other religions. For about a year, thats all I did, I came home and just obsessed over religions. Just read and watched and learned. And then, december a year ago I came to the conclusion, that if god was real, i wouldnt have to worry, because I do not judge people, I try to be tolerent, and accepting, and I try to love others. I do not think Jesus was the messiah, because I don't think there ever will be one. i think Jesus was one of the last Prophits, and god spoke threw him, and I think Jesus tought great things, that we as man have twisted into rules when we should just look at them stright forward. I think that If we looked at what jesus thought weather then Who he was, we could avoid these deadly conflicts.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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