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Default story of a king

ok, this is a story in progress, and me with my medival time fetish, i had to write it...enjoy!

Story Of A King. By Tim
Chapter 1- The Strange Allies.

Once upon a time lived a king. He lived in a far away land that many called Egypt. He was a powerful king, but also, a kind, and gentle king. Even people from miles and miles away praised his name. He was a very young king. 15 years of age. I was the king’s tactician. I was always by his side. Even though I was one of his troops, I was also his best friend. He taught me a little sword fighting, so I knew some things. I was his favorite soldier, and his best friend. Then one day, an old man asked for a private audience. The king accepted and sent his guards away. The only people there was the king’s son and me. The decrepit old man told him of a dream he had many times. He said “ I saw an army of great men. Many men that will come in 20 sunrises and sunsets. An army will come to Egypt and overrun it. Create an army of your own. Then maybe you have a chance” then the old man died immediately. The king called the guards, and they came in to collect the body. The king knew that the old man had not been lying, for he too had seen the dream.

The king might have been kind and gentle, but his son, the heir to the throne, was an evil child. He was only the son because he was assigned as the kings advisor, and spent so much time with him, he was like a child to the king. All he wanted was to have power over Egypt and to take all money from the villagers. The evil child wanted the power that moment, and saw an opportunity. The vicious child told the guards that the king poisoned the old man, and that I helped. Even against our sounds of protest, they took the king and I, and banished us from the castle. They stripped him of his crown, and my rank. The guards stole all things in our pockets. Gold, swords, rings, vials and vials of multicolored liquid. In a matter of seconds the king went from the highest order of the lands, to just another person walking the street. And I went from the kings tactician to a lowly peasant.

We waited, thinking that the guards will come out of their state. Waited for 10 minutes we had to of. As we were about to leave, the palace doors opened with a group of guards charging out. The former king thought that the guards made a mistake, and were letting him back in. He was wrong. They pushed him to the ground like a dog. Some gave him a glare. Some spat on him. Some even kicked him. But all were on the way to the village. I backed away from the guards. They paid no attention to me. With this advantage, I snatched some gold, and a dagger from one of them. I quickly put them into my pocket and went to go help the king up. One of the king’s most trusted but clumsy knights, Wally, stooped in front of the king as the last of the guards were leaving, and before I could get to the king. “ What is going on?” said the king, slightly struggling to stand up. “Your son has sent guards to raid all the villagers,” said Wally sadly. “ There is no way that my son can be stopped unless I do something. Wally, I have a favor to ask. Will you join me to help against my son?” asked the king. “ My lord, it would be an honor to serve you. But we must leave now if you want to get out of Egypt alive,”

As Wally and the king left the town, the king turned back. “What’s wrong?” said Wally. The king didn’t say a word, just pulled out a red gem. It was flashing slightly. “What is that?” exclaimed Wally. Before the king could answer, a guard came running up, sword drawn, screaming and yelling. Wally pulled out his sword, but the sword flew from his hands. “oops…” said Wally. Then, the guard stopped suddenly. He looked a bit confused. Then, fell on his knees suddenly. He looked down, then back up at the king. He was scared, frightened. Then, fell on his face. An arrow was sticking out of his back. A beautiful girl with shining silver helmet, standing behind the guard, walked up to the king, and grabbed her arrow from the dead guard’s back. The king put away the gem quickly and looked at the girl. Then, she bowed. “my lord, it is an honor to see you,” she said, with her head still bowed. “do not bow at me, for I am king no longer. What is your name brave archer?” “my name is Abigail, my lo- I mean, kind sir” said the archer, raising her head.“ well, my lady, I’m on a quest. My son took over the seat of power. I’m looking for people to help me stand up against him. I was thinking, would you like to come and help with this quest?” asked the king. “it would be an honor to lend my bow to you.”

Then again, the king took out the red gem, and it flashed more than it did before the guard came. “ my king, what is that gem you pulled out?” asked Wally. “its to tell if something is going to happen. If the blue jewel is flashing, good will come. If the red, bad will happen. My son has been to power for less than a day, and already, people in Egypt feel dread, and hate for him, and me. Our journey would be much tougher now. I know of a great wizard who would surly help us with this quest. He lives in Spain, in a merchant town. If we are to even try to survive this, we need that wizard,” said the king, and put the red gem away, and started walking the way to Spain on a small dirt road. So a 15 year old, brown haired mysterious king, a slightly clumsy, red haired knight, a strong helmeted girl, and a short little, black haired boy with a dagger on their way to defeat a powerful advisor with millions of miles in his power.

Chapter 2

As they walked, Abigail and Wally talked. “ so, Abigail….err…how are you?” “ I am fine, why do you ask?” she asked. “ oh umm- because- umm. I-I-I was just wondering…” Abigail was confused, but kept walking. I walked closer to Wally. “If you keep going on like that, you will never be able to have her as your wife,” I said softly. Wally looked at me bewildered. The king chuckled slightly. Abigail looked really confused now, and she started to inch away from all of us. I leaned over to Wally again. “listen, to win her heart, you have to do 3 things. 1, be romantic. 2, wait for the right moment, and 3, just li-” “wait! You think I have a crush on her!?” almost yelled Wally. She took a giant step towards the west, now out of earshot. “Because I don’t.” whispered Wally into my ear. “hmm…well, when you realize that you do, im here for help,” I said back. The king laughed loudly. I felt bad for Abigail, because she was about a quarter of a mile away from us now, really confused. I was walking towards her, to strike up a convosation. I noticed her mumbling. I would completely understand, but I could not understand her. She was speaking a strange language. It sounds really strange, but really familiar. I stepped on a twig, and she stopped speaking and tensed up. Still looking forward, and walking as though nothing is happening, She reached slowly for her bow, when I said “Don’t worry, its me,” she breathed a sigh of relief, and turned to me. I stared into her gray eyes, those thoughtful eyes. I heard Wally scoff, and I just stared. She laughed, and stared back. We just walked and stared. Then, a glare from her helmet shined down from the sun, to my eyes. I looked away and put my hand up. She laughed again, in her soft voice, and apologize

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