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Why Iraq first? That’s a good question. We knew North Korea had nuclear weapons programs, Iran had nuclear weapons programs. Why in the hell did we attack the least hostile one? Sure Saddam is a long standing enemy of the United States, but at the time we attacked Iraq, was North Korea and Iran not just if not more threatening? Did we not, long ago, add them to the axis of evil?

I was under the impression that the United States went to the middle east to begin is fight on Terrorism. We still haven’t found one of the most dangerous men in the world, which on September 11th, 2001 orchestrated a horrendous attack on the United States citizens, in an attempt to set the western world back a step. However, instead of fulfilling his promise to find and kill Osama Bin Laden, we veered southwest from Afghanistan, and into Iraq, a sovereign nation under the grip of a truly evil man. Saddam Hussein. The UN weapons inspectors weren’t given the time to search Iraq or WMD’s. No. Instead we shunned the outcries of protest from the UN and world public. Shunned the UN weapons inspectors from the premises, and attacked Baghdad, killing many citizens in our wake.

Did we have the right? 30000 citizen ‘casualties”? These are not “causalities”, these are moms, and dads, and kids, and teachers, and nurses, and innocent bystanders. Did Saddam deserve to be captured and taken out? God yes, he’s a horrid man, but isn’t there a better, less expensive, less, brutal way, to take him out of power. I said no when we went into war, and I say no now. If here, in this day and age, we still cannot work things out in between nations, threw negotiations and UN policies. Then this is a place I don’t want to live in. I do not consider myself American anymore. I am ashamed by the way my fellow county men have let go of there pride. For what? What reason of we done this? Is war the only way, is war the only answer? Do thousands more have to die so you can prove your point?

Next time you’re reading about the war in Iraq, and you see a list of ‘casualties’. Don’t just look at the number. Look around you, to the many people all around you, living breathing, enjoying life without a care, and imagine them caught up in a gun fight, and murdered. These are not just numbers, these are people, just like you and I. I think we have forgotten that.

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