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Well, I asked two girls out. I liked both of them for a while, and they'd show hints of liking me back from time to time. So I was like "whatever.. I'm sick of this, I'll ask them out". Turns out one of them wasn't interested and the other liked me a bit(I think she just said that though)and liked some other guy more. It sucked, it even got me into a slight depression for a day or two.

But I'm glad I did, now I don't have to dwell on them like before. Sure, I still like them a bit, and it does suck. But, that's life, deal with it. There's some girls that like me that can't force me to like them, so I can't force anyone to like me either. Atleast now I know so I can't be like "what if....".

Ask her, it'll suck, and you'll wish you didn't afterwards, but atleast you'll know.

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