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I can't comprehend equality?

Why should a government make a spiritual thing a governmential issue rather than a religous issue? Where are the equal rights of the church? If a country takes away the right of a church to make it's own decisions, we're darned near Communism.

I fear what happened in Canada- Ministers, even some from my own demonination, were told they were breaking the law and committing hate crimes because they refused to marry gay couples. That's horrendous! Where's the Minister's rights? Or do liberals only support the rights of the non-mainstream?

A government has the power of a civil union, which gives a gay couple the same exact rights as a married couple, just done by a governmental authority. That's enough.

And please don't curse my God in such a horrible and offensive way. Take a look at the rules of the board. My God died for me and for you, and changed the hearts of untold billions of people throught the years. Are the words just out of some book? No. But that's another discussion for another day.

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