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Yeah, and aspartame was banned by the FDA until presures from food lobbyists made them okay it.

Awful stuff. You're right on with regular coke is better, but no coke is even better than that! I'm a seltzer fan, myself.

I was even talking about it with my Bio Lab instructor today. I picked up a specimen of a poisonous mushroom in formaldehyde and said "lunch anyone?" She said that the poisons from the mushroom had probably been inactivated by the formaldehyde, but I reminded her that the formaldehyde alone would pack a toxic punch. So, she informed me that Aspartame and Formaldehyde have simmilar structures, and are derived from the same thing, or something like that. Scary!

It is cool knowing a Doctor of Osteopathy. They know the best of both worlds. When regular MDs only know Conventional western stuff, Osteopaths are more likely to know Conventional and Alternatives. That's why I'm on that career path. I'm just getting into my second semester of my freshman college year, and have nothing but science and math! It's heaven!

As always- None of my statements are evaluated by the FDA.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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