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Originally Posted by 1337 Man
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Originally Posted by TheWizard
I wished our country was more tolerant and let everyone be themselves. Hate harms everyone.

First was: The indians, Then the blacks, Then gays. I might add that each of the above hates were by groups who call themselves christians.
Ah, I see, so if everyone who hated on those people wore purple socks, you'd say that purple socks are enslaving?

And it's not just Christians that are against homosexuality, it's also Jews and Muslims. Our country was built upon Christian values, as well, so we should keep it safe from perversions such as gay marriage. Can't they just accept civil unions and not petition for marriage?
Find one occasion where Muslims or Jews were against gays. I challenge you.
Jews share the old testament, which condemns homosexuality. Also, there's a story in the Quaran condemning homosexuality.
I meant these days. Just becuase the bible says so doesnt mean all people hate it. THey may not believe in it, but they let it be, since it's none of their buisness. So give an example of someone discriminating or not allowing homosexuals to be normal.
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