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Default Playing hard to get or generally not interested?

How can you tell when a girl is playing hard to get or generally not interested? Honest answers please - don't just tell me what I want to hear unless you think it's true

I'm talking about the same girl I kissed on New Year's Eve. I felt so close with her then but she's totally blanking me now that i've split up with my gf and she's got a date with a 23 year old tomorrow! (she's 16).
She's usually lively and always seems to be laughing and shit with her best mate and a guy friend (who's my friend as well). She seems to have forgotten about new year's.

I saw her kissing a random last saturday night when we went out. I told her "why don't u speak 2 me anymore?" and she just says " i do"

people plz help me!
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