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this all ties into a question in christianity, do you beleive science and scientific evidence is the pinical of human understanding? to this i say no, because there are things that science say are hormones and chemical reactions in our bodies and minds, but there is definitaly something supernatural about things such as love. the feeling of having someone who'd die for you any moment and who wants to spend the rest of their life with you can in no way be completely described by scientific evidence
we know what part of the brain love come from. and when i say we, I mean humans. we know were love and hate etc come from. we know what hormons produce feelings of happiness and sadness. we know most of that allready. but thats not why i don't believe in god. look at the bible, god is soooooooooooo involved in there lives, sooooooooo involved, showing up all the time, and preforming stunts and feats. but since Jesus, god hasnt shown his face........since jesus there has been nothing from him. What he just left. NO! hes not real, people made him up and we cant see or talk to him because hes not there.

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