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Originally Posted by maximan
Thats what people thought back in the 60s with segregation. If people rebelled, they'red be more hate. Initially there was, but look where we are today.
I'm sick of everyone comparing the Civil Rights Movement and this gay marriage thing! First of all, doing such offends many black people. Second of all: It's an invalid comparison.

People back then had absolutely no reason to discriminate against blacks. But today, there's a reason why 2/3 of mankind will not accept gay marriage or gay acts in public.


The two major religions, Christianity and Islam, condemn homosexuality. That's about 2/3 of mankind. So, let's look at it this way

~2-5 million people favoring segregation back then (no clue if that's the real number)
~4 billion people against homosexuality

Tough luck for the gay people if they think this is going to end up even close to the Civil Rights movement.

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