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Are you talking about the CIA thing involving the leaking of the name of a non- covert operative of the CIA? The name of a person that could be found on the internet, who worked in a small sattalite part of the CIA? No law was broken, and Scooter Libby will be found innocent. It's a minor issue that the libs have been blowing out of proportion. The prosecuter can't even prove the Scooter Libby even leaked the name, covert operative or not.

In Iraq, WMDs were found, and were used. You call a country stable when it has 3 waring groups? When one of the groups gains power and murders the others in genocide with chemical weapons (WMDs) is it stable? It was a wealthy nation where all of the wealth was held by a select few, and the rest lived in squaller. There are many more stable countries than Iraq. Try The UAE for instance. Why do Iraqis celebrate the US arrival? Why are there pictures of parties in the streets with huge applause as Americans drive down the road in tanks?

And women were better off in the old regime? Even if they were better treated in Iraq than, say, Syria, they were still denied basic human rights and were treated more as objects than people with rights.

Would Iraq be better off with Saddam still in power?

If you think we went to Iraq for oil- Show me that oil. It's about a dollar a gallon in Iraq, and $2.15 here. What oil did we steal? We didn't take a drop! In fact, we saved it from radical burnings so the other locals can have it and build an economy off of it.

If you think we went to Iraq for Halliburton, did you know that Clinton gave them a no-bid contract with his insurgency into all the problems in the balkans? They are just the company this country trusts.

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