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Originally Posted by redcar
Originally Posted by Dfsg
We didn't go to Iraq for WMD. We went to free people from an oppressive regime that was heavily vested in terrorism.
but you did. that was one of the arguments the allies made for invading Iraq. Saddam was in posestion of WMD, and that he posed a threat. it may not be the only reason but nevertheless is was a reason.
after no WMD's were found, the was was named Operation Iraqi Liberation, after about a week with that name, it was changed to operation Iraqi freedom because OIL is the initals of opertion iraqi liberation. (tehe) The gender gap in Iraq was the smallest in the middle east, not to mention Iraq was one of the most democratic, wealthy, stable countries in the middle east. Thats right, you don't hear that often, but look it up some time, I dare you, you will find Iraq is a wonderful county, under the dictation of a horrible administration. its true many people were killed in Iraq by the government, and thats wrong, but to say that we went to free the people, is a lie, we went to do somthing else. remember the huge scandel in the whitehouse, that withen days was changed into the CIA thing. George Bush knew about things he did not share with congress, he KNEW information tidbits that nobody else knew, things that we don't know, and he didnt share them. If we would have seen this information would we have still gone to war? i dont know. Not to mention the UN told us not to go to war. We attacked a soverign nation. under false pretenses. I'm gonna cut it off there, cuz I have urgent business.


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