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Bah. Don't like em too much... Last dermatologist I went to took a biopsy with no reason to do so, and got back bogus results. I have a nevus, and the report said I had a mosquito bite....

Last dentist I went to didn't listen to my complaint, and ground out a significant part of a tooth for no reason... I'll never get that back.

Last psychologist I went to (before my good one) said that I have ADD, when I think that's absurd.

Last general practice doctor I went to tried to drug me with Zoloft, calling it an alternative treatment.

I don't know too many doctors I can trust... There's a gynocologist in my church, I could ask him what it is (okay, maybe wrong specialty). He's still a doctor anyway, though. Doctor of Osteopathy in fact. He likes aspartame, though... Goodness, I should stop rambling...

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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