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We didn't go to Iraq for WMD. We went to free people from an oppressive regime that was heavily vested in terrorism. Their evil leader systematically killed hundreds of thousands of Kurds and made Shi'ite Muslims live in terror.

I thought liberals were supposed to be the compassionate party. Think of the tens of millions of people who lived (and still live) in fear of death because of their beliefs?

Most American soldiers after coming home from Iraq know that they made a big difference. Since Saddam was taken out of office, schools have been built, power reserves have been distributed fairly, money has been put into building employment offices, firetrucks, sewage systems, and many of the basic things we take for granted. Soldiers are mobbed by children and locals who cheer them on and even stoop down to kiss their feet. This happens even in the Sunni Triangle!

90% of Iraqis love America. It is the 10% of radicals that kill Americans and Iraqis alike so they can get their 72 virgins and endless praise in heaven that make Iraq still unstable.

Did you know that there are 19 provinces in Iraq, and each now has it's own governing council voted by equal delegations of the area's ethnic/religous backgrounds? Did you know that America has built 200 schools in Iraq? Did you know that America has helped close the gender gap by training women and men alike to use Computers to help them propel into this century?

But it's all about WMD. Yes, that's right. Ask the millions of Kurds who were gassed with weapons that Saddam "Doesn't Have" if he has WMD. Ask the US Troops who were shot at with Scud Missiles (something else that Saddam "Didn't have") Ask Democratic senators John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durban, John Edwards, and almost every other senator if they thought Saddam had WMD before 2001. They all said yes, and that he must be stopped. Garbage trucks were found fleeing Iraq with all sorts of things headed to Syria, including most of Saddam's Gold reserves. It would have been simple to move them. Thousands of tons of nuclear materials were found, as well as canisters for nerve gas, and components of many devistating weapons.

But yeah, Bush is doing a terrible thing saving all those millions of men, woman, and children from oppression AND stopping Iraqi support of terrorists who would kill you and your parents without a second thought.

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